04 May 2024

Consano Pelvic Health Centre is seeking an experienced nutritionist to join our pelvic health team. 

We are expanding in 2024 and have clinic space to welcome a new practitioner.  We want to provide our patients with holistic management and we’re looking for a nutritionist who is skilled in the following areas:

  • Women’s health related issues

~pregnancy and postpartum

~pelvic pain

~bowel issues including IBS, constipation, faecal incontinence

~bladder issues including overactive bladder, bladder pain syndrome, recurrent urinary tract infections


  • Men’s health related issues

~prostate health

~pelvic pain

~bladder problems

~bowel problems

  • Children

~slow transit constipation

~food intolerance

~faecal incontinence/soiling

~bladder problems including urinary incontinence and recurrent urinary tract infections


About Us

Established in 2010 Consano Pelvic Health Centre has a reputation for excellence in pelvic health physiotherapy with a strong referral base.  Our practitioners have a thirst for learning and actively engage in professional development.

At Consano we approach physical symptoms with curiosity.  We consider the many systems that may be contributing, including myofascial, nutritional, neurological, emotional, psychological, social and environmental.  We take time with our patients and seek to holistically manage their presenting problems.


If this opportunity sounds like it’s for you, send your CV and cover letter to Director/Practice Principal, Alison Wroth:

Our Approach

Our name CONSANO is the latin word for ‘to cure, heal, remedy and restore’.

This is the essence of what we do.
We use our specialised pelvic health physiotherapy training and our unique holistic approach to cure, heal, remedy and restore the pelvic health of our patients

Who we are

Our Centre

Our Pelvic Health Centre in Guildford has been specially designed to suit the specialised requirements of our patient treatment rooms and classes.

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