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Disturbed body perception, reduced sleep, and kinesiophobia in subjects with pregnancy-related persistent lumbopelvic pain and moderate levels of disability: An exploratory study

Darren Beales, Alison Lutz, Judith Thompson, Benedict Martin Wand and Peter O’Sullivan

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Healthy adults can more easily elevate the pelvic floor in standing than in crook-lying: an experimental study

Malina Kelly, B-K Tan, Judith Thompson, Sara Carroll, Melissa Follington, Alicia Arndt and Melissa Seet

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Emotional strength: A response type, response disposition and organizing principle for emotion experience

Sharon Faye and Joel Hooper

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International Continence Society

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Our Approach

Our name CONSANO is the latin word for ‘to cure, heal, remedy and restore’.

This is the essence of what we do.
We use our specialised pelvic health physiotherapy training and our unique holistic approach to cure, heal, remedy and restore the pelvic health of our patients

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Our Centre

Our Pelvic Health Centre in Guildford has been specially designed to suit the specialised requirements of our patient treatment rooms and classes.

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