Menopause: time to pause

21 Jun 2024

Are we priming the system to expect an experience of menopause?

Are we creating the experience of menopause?

Does it become predictive in nature?


The word menopause refers to a woman’s last menstrual period. When a woman has had no period for twelve consecutive months, she is considered to be post-menopausal.  What do we really know about menopause?  What do we hear about? How can we manage this natural transition in our lives differently?  It is something that all women living into and beyond their sixth decade, will experience.


What if menopause was framed differently.  What if menopause was framed as a time of transition in a woman’s life, an opportunity to literally pause, breathe, feel and reflect. What if menopause was an opportunity to feel the repressed anger, anxiety, frustration. An opportunity to use your voice, speak your truth.  An opportunity to make changes in your life. To be your authentic self.

What if menopause was framed as an opportunity to own your sexual health, pelvic health, emotional health.. your whole self.  An opportunity to improve your lifestyle and to experience your world through a different lens.


We keep thinking of the phrase “ancient bodily wisdom”.  There is wisdom in this transition phase, there is an intelligence to this passage of time.


What if we celebrated this time, instead of fearing it.


And what could happen if we make all these changes before menopause even begins!!

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